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2020 Bills


Assemblymember Marc Berman proudly authored the following legislation in 2020: 


AB 70 - Covert For-Profit Colleges

Assembly Bill 70 prevents covert for-profit colleges from using devious financial maneuvers to claim non-profit status and evade state oversight.

Signed by Governor Newsom on September 25th, 2020. Chapter 153.


AB 860 - Elections: vote by mail ballots.

AB 860 requires county elections officials to mail a ballot to all registered voters for the November 2020 presidential general election only, and makes other changes to facilitate the expected surge in voting by mail at the November election.

Signed by Governor Newsom on June 18th, 2020. Chapter 4.


AB 2029 - CalWORKS eligibility: income exemptions.

AB 2029 would have restored a CalWORKs policy which specifies that money a parent pays in child support outside of the home does not count as income for determining their family’s CalWORKs assistance.

Held in Assembly Human Services Committee.


AB 2230 - Tobacco assessment.

AB 2230 would have required substance use disorder treatment facilities to assess patients for tobacco use and offer or refer them to treatment to quit tobacco.

Held in Assembly Health Committee.


AB 2237 - Bay area county transportation authorities: contracting.

AB 2237 would have changed the bidding requirements to include best value and update, from $75,000 to $150,000, the procurement threshold for the purchase of supplies, materials and equipment for county transportation authorities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Held in Assembly Transportation Committee.


AB 2262 - Regional transportation plans: sustainable communities strategies: zero-emission vehicle readiness plan.

AB 2262 would have required metropolitan planning organizations to create a regional zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) readiness plan to identify areas where ZEV infrastructure is needed.

Held in Assembly Transportation Committee.


AB 2274 - School curriculum: computer science: data reporting.

AB 2274 would have required the California Department of Education to annually compile data and publicly post a standalone report on computer science education to help devise targeted and effective policy solutions and resources to support schools, increase access to computer science, and close equity gaps.

Held in Assembly Education Committee.


AB 2309 - Teacher credentialing: supplementary authorization: computer science: grant program.

AB 2309 would have created an incentive grant program for institutions of higher education to prepare current and future educators to teach computer science.

Held in Assembly Education Committee.


AB 2319 - Vehicles: sale or transfer.

AB 2319 removes an inconsistency in statute that allows tow truck companies to file lien sale deficiency claims in small claims court for towing debt against people who have properly sold their cars months or years prior to the vehicle being towed.

Signed by Governor Newsom on September 9th, 2020. Chapter 50.


AB 2346 - Community colleges: part-time students enrolled in early childhood education or child development courses: fee waivers.

AB 2346 would have established an Early Childhood Education Workforce Waiver to provide a fee waiver for specified courses for community college students with declared majors related to early childhood education and child development.

Held in Assembly Higher Education Committee. 


AB 2388 - Public postsecondary education: basic needs of students.

AB 2388 would have required California Community College campuses to provide a coordinated and integrated approach to address students’ basic needs. Specifically, the bill would require community college campuses to 1) develop a document that is available to students online that clearly lists all on- and off-campus basic needs services and resources available, 2) develop and utilize a single application for students to receive on-campus basic needs services and resources if an application is required, 3) develop a plan to identify and provide outreach to students, including nontraditional students, who have basic needs insecurity, and 4) provide a student basic needs tab that is clearly visible and easily accessible from a drop-down menu on the home page of the campus website and include information for students about basic needs services and resources on the student basic needs tab of the website and student portal, which is especially critical during these unprecedented times.

Held in Senate Education Committee.


AB 2407 - Campaign contributions: limited liability companies.

AB 2407 would have required a political committee that receives campaign contributions from a limited liability company (LLC) to disclose the name of each individual who owns or controls the LLC, and the name of each individual who controls the contributions or expenditures of the LLC.

Held in Assembly Elections and Redistricting Committee.


AB 2449 - Health facility training and protocols: sepsis prevention.

AB 2449 would have created a Sepsis Advisory Committee aimed at increasing public education and providing health care professionals with best practices for sepsis prevention, training, and treatment.

Held in Assembly Health Committee.


AB 2505 - Political Reform Act of 1974: campaign funds

Held in Assembly Elections and Redistricting Committee.


AB 2586 - Shelter crisis.

AB 2586 would eliminate barriers to providing 24-hour safe parking, thereby granting cities and counties another tool to urgently address the homelessness crisis in their communities. 

Provisions allowing cities and counties to provide 24-hour safe parking for homeless and unstably housed individuals were added to AB 2553 (Ting and Berman). Signed by Governor Newsom on September 25th, 2020. Chapter 147.


AB 2650 - Elections: no party preference voters: partisan primary elections.

AB 2650 would have provided no party preference voters with information on how to obtain a ballot to vote in a partisan primary election.

Held in Assembly Elections and Redistricting Committee. 


AB 2728 - County sexual assault response team (SART) program.

AB 2728 would have established a statewide sexual assault response team advisory council for the purpose of promoting a prompt, multi-disciplinary, and victim-centered response to sexual assault. 

Held in Assembly Public Safety Committee.


AB 2811 - Business regulation.

AB 2811 would have strengthened the protections afforded to consumers by California's Auto Renewal Law by ensuring that consumers can cancel their subscriptions online, and that they can do so without delay or having to jump through hoops. 

Held in Senate Judiciary Committee.


AB 2884 - California State Lottery: revenue allocation.

AB 2884 expands the use of restricted lottery funds by authorizing community college districts to use these restricted funds to provide housing assistance and food assistance to their students.

Signed by Governor Newsom on September 29th, 2020. Chapter 294.


AB 3006 - School meals: free or reduced-price meals.

AB 3006 would have made it financially feasible for high-poverty schools to serve universal breakfast and lunch to all students by bolstering the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP). CEP is a federal program that enables schools in low-income areas to receive federal reimbursement to serve meals to all enrolled students free-of-charge.

Held in Assembly Education Committee.


AB 3157 - Department of Housing and Community Development: regional housing need allocation: low-income community college students.

Held in Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee.


AB 3195 - Voting system standards.

Held in Assembly Elections and Redistricting Committee.


AB 3250 - Elections: ballots.

Held in Assembly Elections and Redistricting Committee.