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2024 Bills

AB 1831 - Preventing AI-Enabled Child Exploitation Act

AB 1831 would close a loophole in existing law that prevents law enforcement from prosecuting people who possess, distribute, and create AI-generated sexually explicit images of children.

AB 1937 - Expand Access to Pacifica State Beach and the Coastal Trail

AB 1937 would facilitate the City of Pacifica’s acquisition of an excess Caltrans property near Pacifica State Beach. The property will provide additional public beach parking for Pacifica State Beach and will eventually serve as the trailhead parking lot for the California Coastal Trail, which is being constructed through the Pedro Point Headlands.

AB 1958 - VTA Governance 

AB 1958 would add project management experience to the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority Board of Directors list of desired qualifications.

AB 1962 - Revenge Porn

AB 1962 would strengthen California’s law against revenge porn by closing the loopholes in the current law ensuring individuals that distribute a secretly recorded or stolen image fall under revenge porn statute.

AB 2057 - Improving College Transfer

AB 2057 would make permanent the Associate Degree for Transfer Intersegmental Implementation Committee. The Committee was established by state law in 2021 to facilitate intersegmental coordination in order to streamline college transfer across California's higher education segments.

AB 2083 - Industrial Manufacturing Modernization Act

AB 2083 would require the California Energy Commission to develop a plan for the state to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases in the state's industrial sector in order to reach California's ambitious climate targets.

AB 2097 - Computer Science for All Act

AB 2097 would guarantee that all students in California have access to computer science education by requiring all public high schools to adopt a plan to offer at least one computer science course. Thirty-one other states already require every high school to offer a computer science course. Eight states now require a computer science course for high school graduation. California has fallen behind 40 other states in the percentage of high schools offering at least one computer science course, exacerbating educational inequities and diversity gaps.

AB 2154 - Mental Health Resources for Family

AB 2154 would ensure that if a person is involuntarily detained under the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act for mental health assessment, evaluation, or treatment, then a family member would be provided a copy of the Department of Health Care Services' prepared patients' rights handbook to better support their loved ones.

AB 2127 - New Motor Voter Implementation Oversight

Cosponsored by the League of Women Voters and the ACLU, AB 2127 would extend the tenure of the California New Motor Voter taskforce in order to ensure effective implementation and evaluation of the New Motor Voter program as it is updated and refined.

AB 2164 - Medical Board

AB 2164 would clarify that the questionnaire issued by the Medical Board to every licensed physician at the time of license renewal to establish that the physician currently has no disorder that would impair the physician’s ability to practice medicine safely may be submitted back to the Medical Board electronically.

AB 2176 - Youth Justice Access to Education

AB 2176 ensures that incarcerated students’ fundamental right to an equitable education is not arbitrarily denied.

AB 2458 - Greater Accessibility, Information, Notice, and Support (GAINS) for Student Parents Act

AB 2458 would help student parents afford, enroll in, and successfully complete their higher education journey. Specifically, this bill would ensure that student parents obtain the financial aid they are eligible to receive by taking into account their child care expenses and require campuses to collect and report data for advancing student parent success.

AB 2511 - Closing the Loop on Beverage Container Recycling

AB 2511 would extend the sunset on California’s successful plastic market development program, which was created to encourage increased use of California generated recycled beverage container material, create and maintain jobs in California, and close the loop on plastic beverage container recycling.

AB 2583 - Safer School Zones

AB 2583 will increase safety in school zones through lower speed limits, clearer timeframes when the speed limits are in effect, and improved, safety-oriented planning practices.

AB 2642 - Protecting Elections from Armed Coercion and Extremism Act (PEACE Act)

AB 2642 would enhance the protection of every voter's fundamental right to cast a ballot and help ensure that election workers are free from interference and intimidation. The Protecting Elections from Armed Coercion and Extremism Act (PEACE Act) strengthens and supplements existing anti-intimidation laws by providing explicit civil protections for both election workers and voters. It also establishes a presumption that people who carry firearms around election activities or workers are intimidating.

AB 2655 - Defending Democracy from Deepfake Deception

AB 2655 will be amended to protect election integrity by regulating the spread of AI-generated disinformation and deepfakes online meant to influence an election.

AB 2668 - Health Insurance Coverage for Wigs

AB 2668 provides health insurance coverage for wigs or hairpieces for Californians experiencing medical hair loss due to health conditions, including alopecia areata.

Held in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

AB 2768 - Special Education Teacher Student Loan Forgiveness

AB 2768 allows teachers at qualifying nonpublic nonsectarian schools, such as the Esther B Clark Schools (part of the Children’s Health Council), to qualify for California's student loan forgiveness programs.

AB 2876 - AI Literacy Education

AB 2876 directs the Instructional Quality Commission (IQC) to incorporate AI literacy curriculum content into the core subject curriculum frameworks when those frameworks are next revised.

AB 3054 - Cannabis Appointees

AB 3054 would clarify that the existing conflict of interest and gift prohibition applicable to the Director of the Department of Cannabis Control would apply more broadly to gubernatorial appointees at the Department.

AB 3158 - West Valley-Mission Community College District Tuition Waiver

AB 3158 would enable the West Valley-Mission Community College District (WVMCCD) to waive tuition fees for all students living in its service area.

AB 3184 - Rejected Vote By Mail Ballot Report

AB 3184 would clarify that the existing law requirement that the Secretary of State issue a report on vote-by-mail ballot rejection data applies to all elections involving state offices.

AB 3209 - Retail Crime Restraining Orders

AB 3209 would authorize a court to impose a Retail Crime Restraining Order for a theft offense, vandalism, or battery on an employee within the store. This bill would provide a new enforcement tool that will keep stores and workers safe from crime.