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Documentary Film Screening: "CAMPESINOS: America's Unsung Heroes"


Co-hosted by the California Latino Legislative Caucus, join Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas, Assemblymember Marc Berman and Senator Josh Becker for a film screening of the award-winning documentary "CAMPESINOS: America's Unsung Heroes."

Filmed during the pandemic, the documentary focuses on telling the story of the hardworking farmworkers of California.


When: August 23rd from 4-5pm

Where: California State Capitol, Eureka Room


Trailer: CAMPESINOS (trailer & testimonials) on Vimeo


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In California, our hard-working farmworkers tirelessly devote their lives to contributing the nation’s food supply without fail, day-in and day-out, regardless of the issues the country faces (wildfires, extreme heat, pandemic, etc.). During the COVID-19 pandemic their dedication, hard work and role was deservedly recognized as “essential”. This documentary takes a deeper look into their day to day lives. The mission of our film is to raise awareness on how vital our farm workers/field workers are to our society while paying tribute to them and offering the recognition they deserve.


  • Best Film 2022 Los Angeles Documentary Film Festival
  • Best Human Rights Film 2022 San Francisco Indie Short Film Festival
  • Best COVID Film 2022 San Diego Shorts Film Festival
  • Best Short Film 2022 Los Angeles/Toronto Documentary Film Festival
  • Best Documentary Short 2022 Nashville Independent Filmmakers Festival
  • Human Rights Award 2022 Fine Arts Film Festival (Venice, CA)
  • Award Winner 2022 Docs Without Borders Film Festival
  • Best Local Documentary SF Indie Film Festival
  • Silver Award 2022 The Telly Awards (Non-Broadcast Social Issues)


Director: Joe Poni

Producer: Alex Ontiveros

Production Manager: Oscar Sotelo

Executive Producer: Salvador Chave