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Assemblymember Berman Condemns Violent Siege of the United States Capitol

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO — Assemblymember Marc Berman (D-Menlo Park) released the following statement in response to the violent siege of the United States Capitol today.

"Today we saw our nation's Capitol come under attack, an attempted coup to disrupt one of the foundational bedrocks of our democracy - the peaceful transition of power after a free and fair election. We are in the midst of the greatest threat our democracy has ever faced, an assault from fellow Americans who are being encouraged and emboldened by the President of the United States himself. 

“Trump and his enablers have been flirting with inciting civil war in our country for four years. For too long, elected leaders have enabled and excused this borderline treasonous behavior, turning a blind eye as his lies have steadily eroded faith in our civic institutions and turned Americans against one another. They believed they could foment hatred for their own personal political gains, yet stay above the fray and avoid culpability. They are wrong. We will remember their names, and we will not forget their seditious acts.

“Our democracy is stronger than these traitors. The fabric of our nation is being strained to its breaking point, but America will prevail." 


Contact: Kaitlin Curry, (916) 319-2024