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Assemblymember Berman Names Pacific Beach Coalition as 2024 Nonprofit of the Year

For immediate release:
Nonprofit of the Year 2024

SACRAMENTO - Assemblymember Marc Berman (D-Menlo Park) announced today that he has named the Pacific Beach Coalition as the 23rd Assembly District ‘Nonprofit of the Year’ for the organization’s outstanding contributions to the community.

“I am honored to recognize Pacific Beach Coalition for their work to clean and restore San Mateo County’s beaches and creeks. Coastal access is inscribed in California’s constitution, but these breathtaking natural resources wouldn’t exist without an army of volunteers protecting and preserving the health of our ocean, beaches, native wildlife, and habitat,” said Assemblymember Marc Berman. “I have seen firsthand how Pacific Beach Coalition allows anyone to feel like they can be a guardian of San Mateo County’s beautiful wildlands. PBC and their volunteers created a legacy of cleaner local beaches, healthier wildlife, and a community knit together through environmental stewardship.”

“Pacific Beach Coalition is not just important because of the trash and cigarette pickups but can you imagine what the sealife benefits from this. People locally plus businesses outside of the coast come here to help clean up our beaches and surrounding areas. I am always surprised when I walk the beach, that there is no trash to pick up, all because of the Beach Coalition. Thank you for your many years of keeping the beaches clean,” said Pacifica Mayor Sue Vaterlaus.

“The Pacific Beach Coalition team is deeply honored to be recognized by Assemblymember Marc Berman as a 2024 Nonprofit of the Year. Our planet needs the actions, deeds and commitment of everyone. If the Pacific Beach Coalition can engage, educate and inspire volunteers to take that first step we hope that the esteem and connection to each other and to the planet will grow and grow into a healthier planet and happier people,” said Lynn Adams, Pacific Beach Coalition President.

Headquartered in the City of Pacifica, the Pacific Beach Coalition is dedicated to preserving the ocean, coastal habitat, and wildlife, and ending litter through advocacy, education, community building, and citizen action. PBC’s passionate volunteers came from all over the Bay area, the East Bay, TriValley and Sacramento to clean San Mateo County’s beaches. Monthly cleanups have now extended to beaches south of Pacifica which includes Montara and Half Moon Bay. In 2022, Coastal Cleanup Day yielded 27,000 volunteers who picked up more than 220,861 pounds of trash in San Mateo County. Pacific Beach Coalition also saw 2,755 volunteer participants in their Street to Beach Cleanup program who picked up an astounding 135,083 pounds of trash throughout the Peninsula.

PBC at Assemblymember Berman's desk
PBC at Nonprofit of the year Lunch
PBC on the Assembly Floor
PBC in front of the Capitol